Anne Frank - Het Achterhuis - Dagboekbrieven (Dutch) - Dyslexia edition


This is the Dutch dyslexia edition of the diary. Other languages are available under "Diary".

Anne Frank keeps her diary from 12 June 1942 to 1 August 1944. In the over two years of her being in hiding, she fills a number of notebooks. In 1947 her father Otto Frank publishes the diaries. It would become one of the best-read books in the world.

Anne Frank’s writing style

Anne Frank’s reports of her personal thoughts and the ups and downs of those in hiding are honest and at times amusing. In the eyes of Otto Frank some of the passages were too candid. Therefore, he left them out of his version of the diaries.

In this version, Anne Frank’s writing style has been largely left unaltered. Besides this, a long passage dated 8 February 1944 has been added to the end of the already existing entry of that date. Furthermore, in line with recent findings, the entry of 7 November 1942 has been moved to 30 October 1943.

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