A Family Secret - Graphic Novel (3 languages)


The book is available in three languages. You can choose a different language version from the list.

The graphic novel is about the story of Jeroen. In his grandmother’s attic, he is looking for things to sell at the annual street market. Among the junk, he finds his grandmother’s scrapbooks from the war. He learns about things that happened with his family during the occupation and that have never been talked about. When Jeroen attends the 4th of May Remembrance Service, he makes a shocking discovery.

A Family Secret and education

The graphic novel has been developed as lesson material but of course you don’t have to read it in an educational context. Research shows that young people's factual knowledge about WWII leaves much to be desired. This book addresses the facts in an accessible manner.


The Search is the sequel to A Family Secret. In this comic, the students read about Esther, a Jewish girl, and learn about the major events that took place during the persecution of the Jews. In the process, they learn more about the roles of the victim, the perpetrator, the helper, and the bystander.

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